Pregnancy associated osteoporosis

Pregnancy associated osteoporosis

Pregnancy associated osteoporosis is a rare condition where a woman’s bones break easily during pregnancy, or in the weeks after giving birth.

It is still unclear why some women are more susceptible, it’s possible they already had low bone density before becoming pregnant. Pregnancy also places greater demand on the skeleton’s calcium bank. Inadequate calcium and vitamin D levels during pregnancy may lead to the body leeching calcium from the bones, leading to a weakening of the skeleton.

Kim, busy mother of two, found out she had pregnancy associated osteoporosis after experiencing excruciating back pain three months after giving birth. “As a busy mother of two, I ignored the pain and continued on with life as best I could.” “My pain continued until it became unbearable and my stomach began to bloat resulting in hospitalisation.” X-rays showed Kim had three crush fractures in her spine and a bone scan found she has osteoporosis.

“It was a good 18 months before I started to feel normal” said Kim, “There will always be fear though, because the initial pain was so severe, the thought of going through that again is depressing.”

Kim said that one of the hardest things about her condition is the lack of understanding about osteoporosis, “Because there aren’t many physical signs of the disease, it feels like people don’t care. Telling people I have osteoporosis doesn’t really have an impact because they just think it’s a condition for the elderly.”

Kim is passionate about sharing her story so other women are more aware of the condition and seek help sooner.  She doesn’t want others to go through the same amount of pain she did. “It’s important for me to share my story so people know that osteoporosis is not just for the elderly”.

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