Osteoporosis Australia Special Event

Osteoporosis Australia Special Event

The Osteoporosis Australia Board hosted a special event in Sydney on Tuesday 15 November to highlight the issue of osteoporosis and the need for osteoporosis to be a higher national priority. The event also acknowledging patient representatives, members of the medical committee, grant recipients and sponsors for their work in helping improve bone health in Australia.

Patron Helen Dalley opened the evening  detailing the scale of the issue - 155,000 fractures from poor bone health this year. Helen said “That has a big impact on a lot of families and workplaces and a substantial impact on our healthcare system. These fractures are expensive particularly when you consider a 5-year and 10-year outlook which Osteoporosis Australia has done, you can see we need to take action.”


Patient Carole David (pictured left), gave a moving account of her personal story. Carole had numerous fractures since her osteoporosis diagnosis and more recently had painful multiple spinal fractures from simply working in her garden which lead to 3 months in hospital and ongoing rehabilitation and specialist visits. Carole said “my advice is take your bone health very seriously because by taking action sooner these painful fractures can be avoided. And for anyone who thinks osteoporosis does not have a big impact on the person affected I can assure them they are wrong.”

Greg Lyubomirsky CEO of Osteoporosis Australia detailed national projects which are in development to address key gaps in awareness, education and management of osteoporosis. The Know Your Bones self-assessment is one of the projects and has already achieved over 50,000 visits to the website since launch in mid-June. Professor Peter Ebeling also acknowledged the work of researchers in the field and the need for more support for bone research.  Professor Ebeling also outlined the importance of the newly launched Osteoporosis National Action Plan which outlines 3 broad areas for action –  Awareness & Support, Improving Osteoporosis Prevention & Treatment, Finding a Cure for Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis Australia would like to thank all sponsors and donors who make the work of the organisation possible.







Pictured left to right:
Row 1: OA Board Members: Ralph Evans, Michael Coleman, Katrina Rathie, Professor Peter Ebeling, Leon Beswick and Liesel Wett.
Row 2: Professor Jackie Center, Professor Rebecca Mason (OA Board), Professor Kerrie Sanders, Helena Johanssen, Professor Peter Croucher (President Elect, ANZBMS) and Professor John Eisman.
Row 3: Dr Michelle McDonald and OA Medical Committee Members: Professor Mark Cooper, Professor Jacqueline Close, Professor Stephen Lord, A/Professor Nick Pocock, Dr Weiwen Chen and Professor Belinda Beck.
Row 4: Jeff Hassell (AMGEN), Trevor Poole (Remedy Healthcare), Jarrod Meerkin (Measure-Up), Linda Swan (Medibank), Jane Winter (Nestle).
Last Row: Angus Hastie and Catherine Sciascia (TEVA), Ryan Chang (Sanofi Consumer Healthcare) and Cameron Draper (Eli Lilly Australia).