NPS Launches New Awareness Program

NPS Launches New Awareness Program

NPS Medicinewise today launched a new osteoporosis awareness program aimed at consumers and health professionals.

The NPS recognises osteoporosis is under recognised and under treated in Australia and in particular in men. It is estimated 1 in 4 men over 50 will experience a minimal trauma fracture because their bones have become fragile due to osteoporosis. NPS are encouraging positive lifestyle factors, good nutrition and recommend that people report falls and fractures to their doctor.  Currently less than 15% of Australian men with a minimal trauma fracture – the strongest sign of osteoporosis – are being investigated or treated for osteoporosis. 

The NPS program is also targeting doctors to identify men and women at high risk of fracture and to commence treatment in high-risk patients. NPS are also stressing the importance of adherence to medication. Dr Andrew Boyden, NPS MedicineWise Clinical advisor said, “When people eligible for osteoporosis medicines remain untreated, it can have a flow on effect that leads to burdens of subsequent fracture.”

Osteoporosis Australia CEO Greg Lyubomirsky welcomes the new program, “We need more at-risk people talking with their doctor about their bone health and being properly investigated.”

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