New Research Grants Awarded

New Research Grants Awarded

The following awards form part of the Osteoporosis Australia – ANZBMS Research Fund.  The research fund is committed to a future with More Breakthroughs and Less Breaks! 
The awards were officially presented at the annual ANZBMS Conference, hosted in Queenstown on 9 September. 

Research Fund Grants proudly supported by Amgen Australia

Osteoporosis Australia CEO Gail Morgan said “The three grants announced today are very important for bone research and the over 6 million Australians living with poor bone health. In Australia we are fortunate to have world class bone researchers working to unlock the deterioration of bone and make breaks from poor bone health a thing of the past.”
The following grants have been proudly supported by AMGEN Australia and form part of the OA – ANZBMS Research Fund. Supporting bone research is vital in combating the prevalence of osteoporosis and related fractures in the community. 
Grant Recipients and Research Projects:

  • Dr Weiwen Chen (Sydney’s Garvan Institute of Medical Research) aims to understand how measuring bone quality, and its density, may predict fracture risk more accurately. This will help improve bone health management in people with chronic diseases, who are often at higher risk of fracture despite a ‘normal’ bone density measurement.
  • Dr Fran Milat (MIMR-PHI, Melbourne) will research the bone health of adults with neurological diseases such as cerebral palsy and spina bifida.  An area of great unmet need, this work will contribute to guidelines for bone health management in people with these conditions. 
  • Dr Jian Chen (The University of Sydney) will investigate why many people don’t take their osteoporosis medications needed to lower risk of fracture. Understanding treatment barriers will improve treatment rates and reduce the devastating impacts of osteoporosis.   

Sambrook Award 2014

Osteoporosis Australia CEO Gail Morgan said “This award embodies a passion for improving research and awareness of bone health, and honors the legacy of Professor Sambrook. This year’s award recipient is Dr Kirtan Ganda, an endocrinologist at Sydney’s Concord General Repatriation Hospital.  Dr Ganda’s strong commitment to improving bone health through patient care, teaching and research is well known and his research aims to prevent more devastating secondary fractures occurring in people who’ve already suffered a fracture due to osteoporosis”.

Secondary fracture prevention programs in hospitals and GP practices lead the way worldwide.  By analysing data from programs in Australia and overseas, Dr Ganda hopes to understand the most important factors in ‘capturing’ a first osteoporotic fracture. Dr Ganda will use the award to present his latest research findings at the Australian and New Zealand Bone and Mineral Society Annual scientific meeting in Queenstown, New Zealand, and the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research annual meeting in Houston in September 2014.

About the Award: 

Professor Philip Sambrook was the inaugural Medical Director of Osteoporosis Australia and a leader in bone research who worked tirelessly to improve community awareness and health professional understanding of poor bone health nationally. His legacy is acknowledged through this Award, which is presented annually.

Osteoporosis Australia wishes to congratulate all grant recipients. The Research Fund will continue investing in breakthroughs not breaks.