NEW International Report on Men

NEW International Report on Men

The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) has released (9 October) a new report - Osteoporosis in Men, Why Change Needs to Happen in the lead up to World Osteoporosis Day (20 October).

The new report shows that men are not adequately diagnosed or treated for osteoporosis and men suffering a hip fracture have greater consequences than women. One-third of all hip fractures worldwide occur in men, with mortality rates as high as 37% in the first year following the fracture. This makes men twice as likely as women to die after a hip fracture.

Osteoporosis experts are warning men often remain undiagnosed and untreated, meaning millions worldwide are left vulnerable to early disability and potentially death. Fractures due to osteoporosis affect one in five men aged over 50 years. This number is predicted to rise dramatically as the world’s men are ageing fast. The report calls for a concerted international effort to improve awareness and prevent fractures.  Healthcare professionals and policy makers are encouraged to support interventions to capture men at-risk, especially men who have already had a first fracture.  

Lead author of the report, Professor Peter Ebeling (IOF Board member and Medical Director of Osteoporosis Australia) said “In the EU, projections suggest that by 2025 the total number of fractures in men will increase by 34%, to almost 1.6 million cases per year. In the USA the number of hip fractures among men is expected to increase by 51.8% from the year 2010 to 2030, and in contrast the number among women is expected to decrease 3.5%. A battle is set to rage between the quantity and quality of life. We must act now to ensure men not only live longer but also have a future free of the pain and suffering caused by osteoporotic fractures.”

Gail Morgan, CEO of Osteoporosis Australia said “Osteoporosis is a worldwide health issue, yet up to 60% of men we surveyed in Australia did not believe they are at-risk of the disease”

IOF Report – Osteoporosis in Men IOF Infograph

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