Minister Ley attends launch

Minister Ley attends launch

The Minister for Health The Hon Sussan Ley joined bone experts and osteoporosis patients in Sydney this morning to officially launch the Know Your Bones health assessment tool. The Know Your Bones online tool helps adults assess their likelihood of fractures and is based on key finding from Garvan Institute of Medical Research's 26 year-long Dubbo Osteoporosis Study.

Minister Ley said, “I encourage all adults to take a few minutes out of one day, jump online and complete the Know Your Bones assessment.”

Osteoporosis patients, Annarosa Berman and Carole David attended the event and Annarosa explained how she had fractured her wrist after simply tripping on her bootlace. She was subsequently diagnosed with osteoporosis after a bone density test.

Annarosa said, “When I was diagnosed I was really surprised and a bit upset. Fortunately we caught the disease early so were able to commence treating it and improve the strength of my bones.” Annarosa urged all adults Australians to use the online health assessment tool saying, “Anything that offers protection against developing brittle bones or having a fracture is worth five minutes of your time.”

The Know Your Bones health assessment tool represents the first national project of the Bone Alliance between Garvan Institute of Medical Research and Osteoporosis Australia.

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Annarosa Berman sharing her osteoporosis story and Minister for Health Sussan Ley
From left: Prof Peter Croucher, Head Bone Biology Division, The Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Minister for Health Sussan Ley, Greg Lyubomirsky, CEO Osteoporosis Australia Prof Jacqueline Center, Garvan Institute.


Ralph Evans, Vice-Chairman Osteoporosis Australia with Andrew Giles, CEO Garvan Research Foundation
Carole David osteoporosis patient and prevention advocate with Greg Lyubomirsky, CEO Osteoporosis Australia