Health Minister Sussan Ley Launches New Awareness Campaign for Exercise

Health Minister Sussan Ley Launches New Awareness Campaign for Exercise

On February 28, Minister for Health, Sussan Ley and the Department of Health launched a new awareness campaign encouraging young women to get active and be involved in sport and spread #girlsmakeyourmove.

The campaign was launched off the back of new statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistic’s recent National Health Survey 2014-15 that showed some disturbing figures for girls aged 15-17.

The results showed that the proportion of girls aged 15-17 who said they did little to no exercise (55.9%) was much higher compared with boys of the same age (38.3%). Less than half of girls (44%) aged 15-17 reported undertaking moderate or high levels of physical activity compared with 62% of boys.

Health Minister Ley stated that it was very important for young girls to exercise. “Physical activity in the teenage years lays down the muscle and bone you need for the rest of your life. It’s a unique time as your body develops and the greatest opportunity to build up strength for your later years,” Minister Ley said.

Minister Ley also said that young generations are facing an “epidemic of diseases and chronic conditions… We know, for girls, exercise and physical activity is the number one way to prevent illnesses later in life, like osteoporosis, which affects almost one quarter of all Australian women aged over 50.”

The awareness campaign will target young women and encourage them to engage in exercise. The videos can be viewed here: