Annual Research Grants Awarded

Annual Research Grants Awarded

Clinical Assoc. Prof. Amanda Vincent, winner of Amgen OA-ANZBMS Grant 2016; Jeff Hassell, Amgen; Prof Peter Ebeling, Medical Director, Osteoporosis Australia; Prof Emma Duncan, President of ANZBMS Prof Peter Ebeling, Medical Director, Osteoporosis Australia; Dr Jinwen Tu, winner of Sambrook Award 2016; Prof Emma Duncan, President of ANZBMS


The Endocrine Society of Australia, the Society for Reproductive Biology and the Australian and New Zealand Bone and Mineral Society (ESA/SRB/ANZBMS) held their annual joint conference meeting earlier this week on the Gold Coast, welcoming delegates from all over the region.

During one of the many events over the course of the meeting, the annual Osteoporosis Australia grants were awarded by Prof. Emma Duncan, president of ANZBMS. The awardee of the Professor Philip Sambrook Award for 2016 is Dr Jinwen Tu. Her research on how the steroids that are produced by our own body (endogenous glucocorticoids) also affect the development and severity of diseases such as osteoporosis is due to be presented at the 2016 Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR), in Atlanta, Georgia.

The joint Amgen and Osteoporosis Australia-ANZBMS clinical grant was awarded to Clinical Associate Professor Amanda Vincent, for her research in improving awareness and management of bone health and fracture prevention in women with premature menopause.

You can read more about their research on the Awardees page.