World Osteoporosis Day 2015

“World Osteoporosis Day is an important opportunity to focus attention on bone health in Australia. We all know a healthy diet is central to general well-being, but when it comes to our bones we have to consider calcium, vitamin D and protein, as well as including exercise. We would like to thank these amazing chefs who are supporting our awareness message and helping to Serve Up Bone Strength with these delicious recipes.” – Patron, Helen Dalley

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Maggie Beer Luke Nguyen Andy Allen
Nino Zoccali Danny Parreno Lee Holmes

We also have bonus recipes from some of our favourites!

Pat McCabe
Former Wallaby & Osteoporosis Australia Ambassador
“Eating well for your bones is easy, so Serve Up Bone Strength. One of my favourite snacks, which is great for my bones, is a banana smoothie.”
Check out Pat’s smoothie recipe

Michael Klim
Olympic Gold Medalist & Legendairy Ambassador
“Dairy was an important part of my diet throughout my swimming career. It’s now a huge part of my family’s diet.”
Check out Michael's Morning Museli recipe
For other Legendairy recipes click here


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7 day meal planners for increasing your calcium intake

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Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
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Quick guides to foods containing:
Vitamin D

Help spread the word by printing one of our official posters and put it up in your local community centre, work place or favourite cafe 

We would like to thank the following amazing chefs for taking time out of their busy schedules to support Serve Up Bone Strength:
Maggie Beer who has established the Maggie Beer Foundation to encourage healthy eating
Luke Nguyen - chef and presenter of his popular TV series, Luke Nguyen's Vietnam/France.
Andy Allen - Winner of Masterchef Australia 2012

Nino Zoccali - Chef Proprietor of The Restaurant Pendolino and La Rosa The Strand and Olive Oil Expert
Danny Parreno - head chef at Slip Inn, Sydney.
Lee Holmes - author, food writer and blogger


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